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0-4 months

bébés de 0 à 4 mois

Your child's progress

From birth to 4 months your baby exclusively drinks milk. Gradually, he holds his head up better and better. Little by little he starts to grip light objects and play with his hands. He reacts to sound and follows a bright coloured object with his eyes.
He is sensitive to sounds and particularly to his mother's voice and emits little guttural sounds. He seeks human contact and fixes his gaze on his parents' faces. He adores caresses and massages. He expresses almost everything through tears and starts to smile from the first month.

Breast milk is the best food source for the specific needs of infants up to 6 months of age.
As a result, European regulations forbid advertising by infant milk producers about milk for newborns.
For this reason we cannot present our newborn infant milk (for 0-6-month-olds) on the Babybio website or in its documentation.
However, if you cannot or do not wish to breastfeed your baby, a health professional can help you choose the best milk for your child.