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Organic Infant Milks

Babybio organic infant milks, ideal for weaning.

Breast milk is the best food source for the specific needs of infants up to 6 months of age.
As a result, European regulations forbid advertising by infant milk producers about milk for newborns.
For this reason we cannot present our infant milk (for 0-6-month-olds) on the Babybio website or in its documentation. However, if you cannot or do not wish to breastfeed your baby, a health professional can help you choose the best milk for your child.

Babybio organic infant milk formulas are made in France with organic goat's milk or skimmed milk from grass- or organic fodder-fed cows raised in France.
Babybio Follow-on milk is perfect during weaning, and it has been specially developed to provide necessary nutrients for infants over 6 months, in keeping with regulations.

Formula without palm oil!

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