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«Congratulations and particularly thank you for having at last created the cereals with vegetables range for the evening bottle. Just what we needed!!! Since the start of his dietary diversification, my son has loved your brand’s little jars (and now, little meals, especially the little quinoa with vegetable ones), which I’ve found really useful for those weeks when I don’t have enough time to prepare my own purées. Now he’s a bit big for bottle-fed vegetables in the evening but I’m sure that our family’s next baby will definitely get to enjoy them. Your range of products absolutely meets the demands of mothers, who like me, are keen to give their children meals that albeit prepared industrially, really taste of vegetables. Something that other brands don’t even get close to achieving. I really wanted to let you know.»

«I’m mother to a little 9 month old girl. I discovered your products in my shop and I must say, I am delighted with them. For the time being I’m using your little vegetable and fruit jars (I’ve bought the teething biscuits, but my daughter hasn’t tried them yet), and they are delicious. She loves them, and it’s the first time I’ve ever wanted little baby jars so much!!! Thank you for not making me feel guilty when I do not have the time to prepare her good little meals. Keep up the good work!»

«I’m mother to a 6 month old baby, who has just started her dietary diversification. We have already tried some of your products (carrot-pumpkin little jar, for example), which are good products for our baby’s health. We think that they are the most trustworthy on the market. I’ve also tried another brand’s little jars of carrot, but I was very disappointed by their very strong sugary flavour which overrode the taste of the vegetable to the point where you almost couldn’t taste it...»