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What is organic farming?

Organic farming is a method of production that is concerned with respecting natural balances. It is committed to sustainable management, respect for the natural balance and biodiversity, and to the development of natural products.

The Golden Rules of Organic Farming

* Genetically Modified Organisms

By respecting natural balance and prohibiting the use of chemical fertilizers, organic agriculture helps to preserve the environment.

How do you recognize an organic product?

An organic product is developed abiding by cultivatioon and livestock practices defined by European Regulation n°834/2007 concerning organic production methods.

logo européen
The European logo has been mandatory on all European Union organic food product packaging since July 2010. This logo states that the products have been certified organic by an independant organisation, which confirms compliance with the European regulation on Organic Agriculture. In France, only 6 organisations received the necessary certification from the relevant authorities, authorising them to issue the organic certification.
logo AB
The AB logo is a national logo, and its use is optional and voluntary.

The A-Z of reliability and traceability

logo ecocert
The European ORGANIC certification guarantees that products are 100% organic, or that their ingredients list contains at least 95% from organic farming sources. The remaining 5% (maximum) corresponds to products not available as organics and specifically allowed to be used in an organic product. From field to plate, from supplier to consumer, organic products are subject to regular controls. All Babybio products are controlled and certified as organic by Ecocert.

Sustainable development: a responsible stance

Answering to the needs of current and future generations without threatening the future: Humans must learn to use natural resources while ensuring their renewal. Organic agriculture helps to support sustainable agriculture and a sustainable world.