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Meals in flexible pouches


Corned Beef Hash

Meals in flexible pouches - Corned Beef Hash - Babybio
Meals in flexible pouches - Corned Beef Hash - Babybio

A flexible pouch for the lunch

Tasty travel Day Menu in flexible pouches : travel-friendly menus, light and practical to take with you and heat up.

avantage Babybio No added salt

avantage Babybio No gluten

Contains milk.

Bags of 190g.

  • potatoes from France*
  • cooking water
  • beef from France*
  • onions from Spain*
  • creme fraiche*
  • parsley from France*
  • garlic from Spain*

* Organically grown ingredients.

Use advice

Boiling water: plunge the bag into boiling water for 1 minute.
Microwave oven: pour the contents of the bag on a plate and cover, or cut off the top of the bag and place the bag in the microwave. Heat for 30 seconds on medium power (850 watts).

Babybio’s guarantees

Babybio carefully selects the origin of each ingredients and chooses whenever possible local producers (France or the Western Europe).
The origins indicated on the products may change due to our requirements in the choice of producers and the difficulties in the supply of organic raw materials.
 See our commitments on products quality.

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